Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can download the software?

The software is cloud-based. We have already setup and configured the required infrastructure and software components for you. We store and manage your projects, scenarios, schedules, and reports. No custom components required, really, all you need is a website to test.

Is it required to know how to code?

No worries, here it's simple as browse! We are using a simple, well defined web automation language as basis for our sophisticated editor. User actions are first class citizens in the language, making it naturally and easy to understand. Element selection for an user action revolves primarily about the visible properties, like text. The language is well documented and community driven.

How to setup the scheduler?

Schedule the test execution depending on your needs. Execute your tests up to every 15 minutes. Fine-grained scheduling, which is on scenario level, is available.

What browser are supported?

We currently use Google Chrome as default browser but further browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Opera might be also available on your account.

Do you support parallel test execution?

Yes. Parallel scenario execution reduce testing time. You decide how many test to run at the same time, there are no limits defined.

Can I see screenshots of the execution?

Yes. Screenshots may be taken automatically on every step during the execution or in error case only. Fly over the made screenshots and find irregularities fast.

Do I get a report on error?

Yes, you will receive notifications about failed test executions. The point of failure can be reached directly from a received notification. You will also get report summary on daily basis.

Are there integrations for my CI?

Yes, integrates with your CI, esp.: Jenkins, TeamCity, or Bamboo. If find no plugin for you favorite CI you can still use curl to trigger the execution.

Is my data safe?

Your session data never leaves the dedicated virtualization container and is deleted after execution. Further, we are steadily trying to keep our software packages and infrastructure configuration up to date. While sitting behind a firewall, you may require a dedicated solution - don't hesitate to contact us.

I need more flexibility and features. Do you offer an API?

Yes. The API allows you:

  • trigger persisted scenario execution from your code;
  • compose scenarios dynamically inside your code and executed them;
  • control legacy sites without a proper API in a formalized manner turning them into scenarios.

You can find our Java API client here.

Can I get my data with me when I leave?

Yes, there is no vendor lock-in. Our service is made around open source components driven by the community. You may execute scenarios directly using JWebRobot or an alternative WAML implementation on your own infrastructure. Compliance with the recent user agents is ensured by utilization of Webdriver API in behind.