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Our Mission

We believe that your online business must be open to your customers around the clock. That is why we created a robot which simulates user behavior within the browser. Once you have created a scenario, it will send you fancy animated reports on success and alerts on anomalies.



Ensure your contact form is working, the product list returns all the products, and the checkout process still accepts all advertised payment methods by using automate.website for product-related monitoring.


Use dozens of virtual users to make performance analysis of your page by discovering its limitations in advance, before the holidays get started.


Each development cycle or software update may causes unexpected issues and tear down the conversion rate. Performing regression tests will help you to perceive issues before going live.


Automate your processes by executing jobs on proprietary websites which do not provide any API.

Production-ready in 60 seconds

Create a scenario

Start a new project with one or multiple test scenarios. You can have up to 100 projects in your free account.

Define steps

Set actions to perform on your website which guarantee proper functioning. Or just import your existing WAML files.

Schedule execution

Execute a scenario on the fly or define a scheduler for regular execution. You will get an email reports if a scenario breaks.

No Vendor Lock-in and Open Source

  • Our service is made around open source components driven by the community.
  • You may execute scenarios directly using JWebRobot or an alternative WAML implementation on your own infrastructure.
  • Compliance with the recent user agents is ensured by utilization of Webdriver API in behind.

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